We have a Date

We have a date! Sept. 10th will be the big day. This isn’t as soon as we were hoping for but many schedules had to be coordinated and they wanted it to be first thing in the morning with no cases following. We will be praying Gabrielle remains stable until then and trust this is God’s perfect timing.

Gabrielle will have pre-op testing completed Sept. 5th and arrive at 6am for surgery on the 10th.

I spoke with Dr. Grant yesterday and he said the lesion in her right frontal lobe is quite extensive and he will basically be removing the entire lobe minus the motor strip. He suggested the process of saving Gabrielle’s motor strip to avoid left sided paralysis will be a tedious one. But, it is comforting to know this is all in God’s very capable hands!

We appreciate the love and support of each of you!

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