God’s perfect timing

Well, yesterday’s post is now obsolete. How quickly things can change. We received a call from Duke this morning saying Dr. Grant will be able to operate this Friday, Aug. 24th @ 8:00 am. We were thrilled!!! We left for Duke at 10:00 am and had all of her pre-op testing completed today. We learned the surgery will no longer be completed in two stages. The doctors all agree the previous testing has narrowed down the area enough that they should be able to perform all necessary mapping while in the OR prior to resection. This will reduce the risk of infection and blood loss which is good news and also shorten the hospital stay. The surgeon estimated Gabrielle will be in the hospital about 4 days. She will spend the first night in the PICU and then stay in the peds unit. The surgery will take about 4 hours. We greatly appreciate your continued prayer and support. We will keep you all posted.

Love, Kelly

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