Thank you for Caring!

Hi All,

We are home at last! I am currently administering Gabrielle’s first dose of IV antibiotics and figured I would post this update while I wait for them to infuse.

Gabrielle had 4 seizures today which can be a little discouraging. They did not however generalize to the rest of her brain and therefore she remained conscious. So this is an improvement. We continue to pray they will vanish completely if it is God’s will.

Neurologically, the doctors can’t believe how normal she seems. They are impressed that there are no obvious deficits following surgery. Praise God!!!

Dr. Grant shared with us that her brain activity was like a continuous run of seizures when he began surgery. It is no wonder our little girl wasn’t smiling anymore!

Thanks for the encouraging messages being posted! They mean so much! I had a nurse at Duke walk in the other day to see how Gabrielle was doing. She had come in for a meeting and decided to stop in and check on us. She had taken care of us on Sat. and Sun. and it was now Tuesday. Tuesday was a rough day because it was when we began seeing seizures again. When she walked into our room my eyes filled with tears. Not because I was feeling sorry for myself but because she had cared enough to come back and check in. I feel the same gratitude when I read all the messages on Gabrielle’s carepage.

Thank you!!!!

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