Choose Hope

Hi Everyone,

The last several days have been discouraging. Gabrielle has been having 10-20 seizures a day. It is difficult to accept this when her scalp still has a fresh line of sutures.:( Her seizures look almost identical to what she was experiencing before surgery. I have been giving her Klonopin on top of her regular meds to try to break up the clusters. She seems to either be sleeping, having seizures, or both. It is really sad to watch the effect the seizures are having on her. She has regressed in so many areas. We meet with her surgeon at Duke tomorrow. Please continue to pray for our little girl.

I want to share with all of you what I read in a book by John Ortberg moments after Gabrielle had her first post-op seizure.

Why does something like this happen? I don’t know. I only know that ultimately, the choice everyone faces is the choice between hope and despair. Jesus says, “Choose hope.” Will you keep going when you don’t know why? When you can’t get any answers that would make the pain go away, will you still say, “My Lord,” even though His ways are not clear to you? Will you keep going with all the grace and grit and faith you can muster and live in hope that one day God will set everything right? Will you trust that God is good?

God wants greatness of soul-people who will endure, wrestle, persevere, refuse to quit, and cling to HIs goodness even when there is much they can’t see clearly.

I’m choosing hope! I will keep you all updated.
Love, Kelly

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