Praying the Seizures Stop

Hey All,

We met with Gabrielle’s surgeon and neurologist yesterday. We are increasing her medication to see if it helps in reducing the seizures. We are hoping this buys us some more time for the healing process to be completed and we are praying it stops the seizures. If she continues to have the same frequency of seizures she will need to be readmitted into the hospital for another video EEG. This would be done to determine if the abnormal electrical activity is all still coming from the right side. If it is, she would need to have a grid placed under her skull for further testing and if everything still pointed to the right side she would be a candidate for a functional hemispherectomy. This surgery disconnects the normal half of the brain from the abnormal side so that the normal side can continue to develop normally. It causes some left side paralysis and should be done early in development for the best outcome.

Thanks for the continued prayer and encouragement!
Love, Kelly

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