Difficult Road

Hi Friends and Family,

I’m sorry I have not updated in awhile. It has been a rough week. I have been sick since Monday and I think today I have finally beaten this thing!

Gabrielle is doing about the same. She is having 6-12 seizures a day. She also began having these mini seizures which follow her typical seizures. The doctor said her seizures could be evolving which wouldn’t be surprising and they could be infantile spasms. Gabrielle has been sleeping a lot and I have to work very hard to get her to eat and drink. The one med she is on causes anorexia. Dr. Gallentine, her neurologist, is going to get back to me on Monday about having her admitted for further testing. He needs to check with Dr. Grant to see if he thinks Gabrielle’s skull has healed enough for the electrodes to be attached. I will keep you posted as we learn more.

This has been a difficult road but I know this is all in God’s hands. I know He hears each of our prayers and that He has chosen this path for a reason. Our friend and pastor, Bobby Austin, included the following quote in his message last week and it explains why our hope lies in Him.

The gospel is not a tranquilizer for worried weaklings to help them sleep at night. It is not a mass of dead dogmas, deep frozen in some ancient cathedral to be carried as a burden through life and thawed out five minutes before death. The gospel is not a list of religious rules and regulations to be strung around the soul like a lucky charm in case of accidents. No, the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is a message-and what a message! It is a living message from the living God for living people, just like us, for people with sins just like us, for people with sorrows and heartaches just like us. It is the only message on the face of the earth with concrete promises and absolute assurances of an eternal inheritance that will withstand the impact of death and the collapse of the universe.”
J, Boyd Nicholson


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