God’s Miracle

Hey Everyone,

A miracle has taken place! Gabrielle has been seizure free for 5 days and the doctors are amazed!

My parents visited us last weekend and they arrived early Saturday morning which was the day I last posted. Sunday, Gabrielle had a rough day consisting of about 12 seizures. That evening my Dad suggested we all gather around Gabrielle and pray for her, which we did. My dad began by praying,”Where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.”Matthew 18:20 He also said “Your word says that if we ask for things in the name of Jesus, that they would be granted to us. So that’s what we’re doing. In Jesus’ name, we’re asking you to heal Gabrielle.”

Now, many, many, people have been praying for Gabrielle and I myself have prayed that if God chooses to heal Gabrielle to do it in a way that would glorify His name. I know God has heard each prayer that has been lifted and I know this was His perfect timing.

The following day, Monday, Gabrielle had her first seizure-free day since July 19th. On Monday night, Duff and I were saying “Wouldn’t it be so amazing if Gabrielle’s EEG was improved?” Tuesday afternoon we arrived at the hospital for the testing that had been scheduled and Gabrielle still had not had a seizure. They attached all of the EEG electrodes to her head and called the doctor to see if they should lower her meds to increase the likelihood that she would have a seizure for testing the following day. The doctor said that wouldn’t be necessary knowing Gabrielle’s history. The IV nurse woke Gabrielle up at 2am to start an IV for the test. Previously, if you awakened Gabrielle out of deep sleep she would immediately begin to seize. This time she showed no signs of seizure activity.

The following morning, Wednesday, Dr. Gallentine arrived and was surprised she had not had seizure activity. We discussed lowering her meds to see if it would bring a seizure on. The doctor was concerned about throwing her into status epilepticus(continuous seizures) but at the same time wanted to capture a seizure for the test. Duff and I were both comfortable with lowering the meds at this point because we didn’t believe they were responsible for her recent improvement. We were beginning to believe it was the hand of God and I conveyed this to the doctor. The meds were lowered and the doctor went to take a look at Gabrielle’s brain waves. He was amazed! Only 4 days earlier her EEG was full of abnormal electrical activity and now it was looking so normal. The meds were lowered again over the next 2 days and still no seizures. The doctor said the EEG showed no signs that there would be seizure activity anytime soon. We were discharged home late yesterday with an appointment in one month. The doctors couldn’t explain it. Gabrielle had turned 90 degrees, in a direction the doctors wouldn’t have anticipated or predicted. Dr. Gallentine called her our “miracle baby”.

Gabrielle has been improving every day. An enormous weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Parents, carefully choose your children’s names.:) When we chose Gabrielle’s middle name of Faith, we did so because we felt like it was an act of faith to have more children after the difficult deliveries I have experienced. We did not realize at the time how our faith would be tested and strengthened by the birth of this child.

When I was pregnant with Gabrielle I didn’t know whether to schedule a cesarean or attempt a natural birth in light of my past obstetrical history. It was an impossible decision and realizing, I am NOT omnipotent but God IS, I decided to leave it in His hands. Well my 41st week arrived and I never went into labor. They did not want to induce because of my cesarean scars. One day shy of 42 weeks I went in for a scheduled cesarean. I felt like there would be some kind of confirmation as to why things happened this way and boy was there ever! When the doctor opened me up he said,” I’ve never seen anything like this before!” I had a window on my uterus the breadth of of his 2 hands. It was an area where the muscle layer had given way and only a thin saran wrap like membrane remained. The doctor said if labor had commenced I would have surely ruptured. God had protected Gabrielle’s life because He had a reason and a plan for our little girl. It was not her time.

Next came the horrific accident on I-40. God guided our car past a fiery tractor trailer that was jack-knifed across the road, into a grassy field, so that when the explosion came we were at a safe distance. Gabrielle and I were delivered from the accident without a scratch. God had protected Gabrielle’s life yet again and I was reminded we are NOT in control. It confirmed in my heart that Gabrielle’s seizures were happening for a reason according to His plan.

Today I am in total awe of what He has done. He has taken our daughter’s body that was riddled with seizures and He has taken them away. He has silenced the abnormal electrical activity that doctor’s saw on her EEG only a week ago. He has given our daughter back her smile, her laugh, and her appetite! He truly is the Great Physician and He is a mighty, mighty God!

Will Gabrielle remain seizure-free? We don’t know. But we are thankful for each day. This testing of our faith has produced endurance and endurance has had it’s perfect result because today we are closer to God and more like Him than we were before the birth of Gabrielle Faith O’Melia.

Thank you for all of your prayers, love, and support!


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