To His name be the Glory

Today we celebrate Gabrielle’s second seizure free month. Every day has been such an amazing gift. I continue to watch Gabrielle’s daily progress through tear filled eyes. It is so incredible!! I took the normal development of our first 4 children completely for granted. Today, as I work with Gabrielle to master crawling I am thankful for the smallest improvement. I marvel at how God has changed my perspective!

Thank you Dr. William Gallentine

This is a letter of thanks we sent to Dr. William Gallentine of Duke University Medical Center. He is Gabrielle’s pediatric neurologist and we would highly recommend him for he is an outstanding physician.

Dear Dr. Gallentine,

Thank you for being an exceptional doctor.

You truly get to know a man’s character when it is tested. You have journeyed with us through medication trials, pre-surgical testing, surgery, post-op recovery, and further testing to determine candidacy for a second surgery. Throughout all of this you were always kind and professional. You honestly informed us of the pros and cons of every medication or procedure. You listened to our many questions and treated us respectfully. You always included us in the decision making process and asked for our opinions and feedback.

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Thank you Dr. Gerald Grant

This is a thank you letter we sent to Dr. Gerald Grant at Duke University Medical Center. He is the pediatric neurosurgeon who performed Gabrielle’s surgery and we can’t say enough good things about him!

Dear Dr. Grant,

Thank you for being an exceptional doctor.  From the first time we met with you to discuss our daughter’s candidacy for surgery you impressed us.  You patiently answered each of our many questions.  You praised us for our thorough research and encouraged us by saying we were asking great questions.  You then gave us your email in case any further questions should arise.  You informed us thoroughly about our daughter’s condition, explained the risks and benefits of surgery, and always included us in the decision making process.

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So much to give thanks for!!

Well, this Thanksgiving we have MUCH to be thankful for!! Gabrielle is approaching her 2 month mark of being seizure free!! She continues to make progress in her development every day. She is able to get on her hands and knees now and she rocks back and forth in an attempt to begin crawling. She gets to a sitting position on her own now and the use of her left side is constantly improving. She is even beginning to hold her sippy cup! The therapists were really impressed this week with her fine motor movement and want us to continue to work on strengthening her arms and hips so she can begin crawling. I continue to thank God for this miracle and I pray that she will learn to crawl, and walk, and talk!

Hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving!!