So much to give thanks for!!

Well, this Thanksgiving we have MUCH to be thankful for!! Gabrielle is approaching her 2 month mark of being seizure free!! She continues to make progress in her development every day. She is able to get on her hands and knees now and she rocks back and forth in an attempt to begin crawling. She gets to a sitting position on her own now and the use of her left side is constantly improving. She is even beginning to hold her sippy cup! The therapists were really impressed this week with her fine motor movement and want us to continue to work on strengthening her arms and hips so she can begin crawling. I continue to thank God for this miracle and I pray that she will learn to crawl, and walk, and talk!

Hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. Jasmine Molina says:


    My name is Jasmine, Im from Montreal Canada,Im a mother of little Mikael born the 29 of June this year, we are now getting out the hospital since our firts son has been diagnotis with Focal Cortical Dysplasia.

    Your story is very touching and just give more power to keep on praying to our Lord and in the name of Jesus I pray so my little Mikael can have that surgery!

    Thank you for sharing that miracle with all of us

  2. Hello.
    As the mother of a child with multiple health issues, as the mother of a patient of both Drs. Grant and Gallentine, and as a fellow Christian, I would like to express to you that I have thoroughly enjoyed viewing Gabby’s page. Beautifully done Mom! Our family of 6 will add Gabby to our prayer list and will join the other prayer warriors in payer for her continued progress. It is truly amazing how these beautiful children are able to lead others to Christ in ways none of us could ever imagine!

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