Thank you Dr. Gerald Grant

This is a thank you letter we sent to Dr. Gerald Grant at Duke University Medical Center. He is the pediatric neurosurgeon who performed Gabrielle’s surgery and we can’t say enough good things about him!

Dear Dr. Grant,

Thank you for being an exceptional doctor.  From the first time we met with you to discuss our daughter’s candidacy for surgery you impressed us.  You patiently answered each of our many questions.  You praised us for our thorough research and encouraged us by saying we were asking great questions.  You then gave us your email in case any further questions should arise.  You informed us thoroughly about our daughter’s condition, explained the risks and benefits of surgery, and always included us in the decision making process.

The day of surgery you calmly explained everything that happened during the procedure in great detail.  Thank you for your patience and the incredibly careful job you did in the OR.  Thank you for coming to our room each day post-op and never leaving until our questions were answered and our concerns were addressed.  Thank you for treating us like concerned parents and never belittling us.

Thank you for the kindness you showed when we brought our daughter back several weeks after surgery and she was still seizing.  Thank you for reminding us that there was still hope.

Dr. Grant, you are an incredibly compassionate physician.  You are humble yet confident, honest yet kind, capable yet caring.

Today we celebrate Gabrielle’s second month of being seizure free and we want to say thank you!  God is using you in this life to heal children.  He is working through you every day to affect sick children and we pray He blesses you and your family for your dedication.

We have created a blog for our daughter at if you ever want to check in on her progress.

With heartfelt thanks,

Duff and Kelly O’Melia


  1. I am so happy for your child’s good care, and I am sure God and prayer has been the cause NOT DOCTOR GRANT

  2. Kristin Smith says:

    He is our son Gabriel’s doctor too! He is simply the best of the best! We love Dr. Grant!
    The Ospina- Smith family

  3. Dr.Grant has patiently and explicitly explained to me all the pros and cons of VP shunt placement, and guided me through each trying phase of my recovery. I recently wrote a note of thanks to Dr. Grant, for giving me back a quality of life I had difficulty believing I’d ever see again. Doctors are not miracle workers. They are not saints, and they are not magicians. But the good ones, like Dr. Gerald Grant, are people who are compassionate and experienced, thorough and encouraging, and praised by their appreciative patients. Thank you, again, Dr. Grant, for your care, your time, and your devotion to your patients.

    C. A. Murphy

  4. Thanks for finally talking about >Thank you Dr. Gerald Grant — Gabrielle Faith <Loved it!

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