Thank you Dr. William Gallentine

This is a letter of thanks we sent to Dr. William Gallentine of Duke University Medical Center. He is Gabrielle’s pediatric neurologist and we would highly recommend him for he is an outstanding physician.

Dear Dr. Gallentine,

Thank you for being an exceptional doctor.

You truly get to know a man’s character when it is tested. You have journeyed with us through medication trials, pre-surgical testing, surgery, post-op recovery, and further testing to determine candidacy for a second surgery. Throughout all of this you were always kind and professional. You honestly informed us of the pros and cons of every medication or procedure. You listened to our many questions and treated us respectfully. You always included us in the decision making process and asked for our opinions and feedback.

It is not easy to accompany parents and their children on journeys filled with painful trials. You however have obviously been chosen to do this because your caring and compassion made all the difference as we fought together to find a way to stop Gabrielle’s seizures.

Today we celebrate Gabrielle’s second seizure free month and we want to thank you for everything you have done to help our little girl. God is working through you to affect sick children and we pray He blesses you and your family for your obvious dedication.

Please thank Josie, Debby, and Mark in the EEG lab for us. They treated Gabrielle and myself like family. They always went the extra mile for us. They showed us so much love and caring.

If any of you ever want to check on Gabrielle’s progress we have created a blog at

With much gratitude,

Duff and Kelly O’Melia


  1. Judy Sachs says:

    I have been reading your blog. Our grandson (age 8) had just been referred to Dr. Gallentine for his epilepsy. Do you still feel that Dr. Gallentine was the right doctor for your daughter since you continued to have issues after the first surgery. Our daughter’s family live in the Charlotte area. Any insight that you might have would be of great benefit to our family. Bo has had seizures since right before his 3rd birthday.

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