To His name be the Glory

Today we celebrate Gabrielle’s second seizure free month. Every day has been such an amazing gift. I continue to watch Gabrielle’s daily progress through tear filled eyes. It is so incredible!! I took the normal development of our first 4 children completely for granted. Today, as I work with Gabrielle to master crawling I am thankful for the smallest improvement. I marvel at how God has changed my perspective!


  1. Well, you’ve got my crying again. It’s so great. I think it’s terrific that you’ve written to the doctors. Your letters will help them to keep caring for families who need them so much.


  2. Alysia and Jason says:

    I got your update today at the library, what wounderfull news that you did this for her! Kelly! thanks for sharing your wounderfull news about what God is doing for you!and your family! God is Good!!!!!

  3. Hello! We’re still thinking about you guys! Just wanted to let you know!

    Margaret and Graham

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