Gabrielle in Motion

Enjoy this video of Gabrielle crawling!!

Gabrielle is Mobile!!

Wanted to update and let everyone know that Gabrielle is crawling. She is on the move and getting into everything. She crawled all the way down our long hallway upstairs to greet her mama. I am amazed that she is able to crawl when I think back to the intense left sided hemiparesis she was experiencing only 3 months ago! I might have to upload a video later so ya’ll can appreciate the joy of seeing this child crawl! We are working on pulling up to standing now and she tends to roll her left foot out and lock her knee on that side. It is most likely due to weakness on that side which the therapist is hoping will improve as we work with her. Please continue to pray for Gabrielle as she tries to achieve another milestone.

Our family wishes all of you a very Merry Christmas!

The O’Melia’s