Gabrielle in Motion

Enjoy this video of Gabrielle crawling!!


  1. Whoa! Really just unbelievable! She’ll be following Ben around soon and driving him crazy! Graham and I wish we could drop by and see all of you. Thanks so much for putting up the video. What a great job she’s doing!


  2. Go Speed Racer go!

  3. Jean Pierre Calisto says:

    Hi there,
    I`m so happy to see that Gabrielle is improving like this and so glad to see that all this must be giving you a lot of strength and faith to continue your hard battle. My wife Jasmine and I are fighting the same battle with our little Angel of 5 months Mikael. Mikael was born on June 29th of this year and everything went very well. He was healthy until is 4th month when he started to have seizures. After all the tests done, we found out he had 2 hearth defects witch he had surgery and maybe that caused him his brain defect. Mikael was diagnosed with dysplasia on the right frontal. Basically, after reading Gabrielle`s story, we find that Mikael has the exact same symptoms as Gabrielle. We are waiting for him to get older to continue with the tests to see if he is a candidate for the surgery. We are from Montreal Canada and attending the Montreal children’s hospital witch they say they are known world wide when it comes to neurology. Even knowing all this I would like to have a second opinion that is why I come to you. I wonder if there is a way I could contact Dr Grant for that second opinion. I would really appreciate your help. I wish you from the bottom of my hearth that you all continue improving and doing better every day and that Gabrielle continues to be seizures free.

  4. Kelly O'Melia says:


    This is a link with information about Dr. Grant:
    We were told by the doctors at Duke that the 2 places in this country that probably perform the most of these surgeries a year are Cleveland Clinic and Johns Hopkins. You might want to check out there pediatric neurosurgeons too.
    I will pray for Mikael and wish you guys the very best!
    Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.
    Kelly O’Melia

  5. Jen Moretz says:


    What a miracle, what a blessing! Merry Christmas! I miss you guys and send love and hugs…


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