Gabrielle is Vertical!

Gabrielle has been doing well. No seizures in 8 days!! We are so thankful for each day without seizures. We are so thankful for the progress she is making developmentally. Praise God!!

Thank you for all of your messages and emails of encouragement. Thank you for continuing to pray for our little girl. It means a great deal to us!!

Just had to share a video of Gabrielle taking her first walker-assisted steps.

Gabby Update

Gabrielle has been doing pretty well. She had one seizure on Tuesday which was about 40 seconds long. She continues to take Trileptal and we are still loading her on the Lamictal. Gabrielle gets drowsy mid-morning form the medication but aside from that she has been pretty active. She is pulling up on everything and cruising around on all the furniture. She is eating well and sleeping better now that her congestion has cleared.

We continue to pray for God’s will in her life. We pray that she will learn to walk and talk. We pray that she will function normally and that the seizures will stop if that is His plan.

Thank you for continuing to follow Gabrielle’s story.


Just a quick post to give you the latest on Gabrielle. She had 2 more seizures early yesterday morning. The seizures did not seem to generalize. She seemed to remain conscious and they lasted 10-15 seconds. We began Gabrielle on 2 medications yesterday to help suppress seizure activity. So far she seems to be tolerating them well. The last 24 hours she has seemed much more herself and is playing, crawling, and cruising.

We continue to pray these seizures will not become a pattern and that they will respond to the medicine. We appreciate your continued prayer for our little girl. Thank you all so much for your love and support.

Through Tears of Sadness….

I write this update with a very heavy heart. Gabrielle had 2 seizures over the weekend. The first we were not sure about and the second seizure confirmed our suspicions. They were both very short and Gabby did not lose consciousness. Please cover our family in prayer. Pray that God comforts us and gives us all the strength we need. It is so difficult when we are reminded that we don’t know what tomorrow holds.

Please pray for the Austin family as well. Our very dear friend Lisa will be having a CT of the brain done today to check for cancer. I’m praying that Jesus is there with them holding their hands and comforting them with His amazing love. I pray that God carries them through this valley and that they will be rejoicing on the other side.

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Look Who’s Talking!