Gabrielle is Vertical!

Gabrielle has been doing well. No seizures in 8 days!! We are so thankful for each day without seizures. We are so thankful for the progress she is making developmentally. Praise God!!

Thank you for all of your messages and emails of encouragement. Thank you for continuing to pray for our little girl. It means a great deal to us!!

Just had to share a video of Gabrielle taking her first walker-assisted steps.


  1. Yea!!!

  2. Paige & David says:

    How wonderful and encouraging! Thanks for the update!

  3. Kathy Locz says:

    That is wonderful!…I’m so happy for all of you


  4. Duff and Kelly,

    LeAnn was reading different information about Dr. Grant and came across your daughter’s site. The reason she was doing so is because our youngest son, Cameron, is a patient of Dr. Grant as well as of February 8 with a brain tumor. He is progressing well, but please give us a shout at LeAnn’s email as we would love to talk to you guys and maybe meet up if we’re at Duke at the same time.

    It sounds as if you guys have experienced the same wonderful person and physician in Dr. Grant that we have. We had absolutely no doubt he was been put there by God for us and now we know he’s there for you as well.

    We will pray for Gabrielle’s continued recovery as well as peace for your family. God bless!

    Ernest & LeAnn Jackson
    Your former Charleston Village Neighbors

  5. Kath, Brian, and Brendan says:

    That is such great news. We can’t wait to see her running around. We will hope and pray for her continued accomplishments. We love you!

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