One Day at a time…

Gabrielle went 18 days without any seizures and then had one yesterday morning on the way to church. She had another one this morning after waking up early with a soaking wet diaper and bed.

It is so difficult not to worry. Each seizure brings back the flood of concern about what tomorrow holds. Yet I am reminded of the bible verse from Matthew 6:34 “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

I began thinking last night of the death of Eve Marie Carson at UNC. Her parents may not have had any reason to be concerned for their daughter. They may have only been looking forward to a very bright future for their daughter and yet her life was taken at the age of 22. I recall the fatal accident on I-40 that Gabrielle and I were protected from. We may forget that our days on this earth are numbered as we busy ourselves with daily tasks. We may forget that we are all mortal as we distract ourselves with engagements and responsibilities. Yet the fact remains, each of us IS mortal and the bible says “And who of you by being worried can add a single hour to his life?

So I will continue to pray that I will be anxious for nothing and that I live each day as though it were my last.

Happy Girl


  1. Maria & Allen says:

    We want you to know, that we have been keeping you in our thoughts all this time. We had heard a small about about the ordeal Gabby has been challenged with a few months ago. And then, last week, Morgan mentioned about seeing Maddy at Jellybeans awhile back and that she wished she could see her more. Then two days ago, while we were putting forth our prayers at the dinner table, Jarod spoke up in the middle of our prayer and asked….”do you think we can see the O’Melia’s again soon? I miss them.” The irony is that until recently, I had not read through your blog for Gabrielle until LeAnn pointed me in this direction. And within a weeks time, my two children both had some strong emotion which directed them to be thinking of you. I know, in some way, God is speaking to them and having their warm thoughts turned into prayers to send your way.

    Please know that our love and prayers for Gabby and your family are with you whereever you go.


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