One Moment at a time…

Gabrielle continues to have 1-2 seizures per day. The abnormal electrical activity makes her very fussy and not herself at all. It is like she is not completely here. I contacted Johns Hopkins about the ketogenic diet and they will be getting back to me about whether or not they feel she would benefit from the strict dietary regimen they offer. I will be discussing her medications and other treatment options with her doctor today. Please continue to pray we are guided in the right direction.

My dear friend Lisa reminded me in an email to “be thankful and celebrate just this moment”. Last night we definitely had one of those moments to be celebrated. Although Gabby had a seizure yesterday, when she awoke from her nap, it was like everything in her brain had normalized and she was taking 8-12 steps at a time and walking all over the place to keep up with her big sister Maddie. It is that moment that is carrying me through today! Thank you, God!


  1. Praying and giving HUGS to you and your family!

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