Gabby Update

Gabrielle has been doing somewhat better the last couple of days. She has been having 1-2 seizures. She basically wakes up, takes meds, has a seizure, and goes down within an hour for a morning nap. After arising from the nap she can be clingy and a bit fussy but by afternoon she comes to life and is walking around playing. We increased her trileptal again yesterday because when her levels came back they were low-moderate. She still has one last increase on the lamictal to bring her into therapeutic range which will happen Tuesday. I spoke with a resident yesterday and he read me the EEG report. It sounded like most of the abnormal activity is coming from the right but there is some bicentral activity meaning it was close to midline and difficult to say which side it had originated from. He expects Dr. Gallentine will want to read the EEG himself when he returns and give me his interpretation.

I have been working on lining up a second opinion this week. Who knew nobody takes BCBS anymore? I called Children’s National Medical Center and Dr. Bruce has resigned. I called Johns Hopkin’s and Dr. Ben Carson doesn’t accept BCBS and I was going to have to go through their epilepsy center before making an appointment. I called NYU and Dr. Weiner doesn’t accept our BCBS but the hospital does. Basically after speaking with BCBS I found out the most we would have to pay out of pocket is $2200 for an out of network doctor. Sooo, we are scheduled to see Dr. Weiner May 12th in Manhattan. He has a really good reputation and has developed a 3 step brain surgery which sounds very logical. I am working now to gather all of Gabby’s records and digital test results from Duke.

We will continue to keep you posted. We appreciate your continued prayer and support so much!



  1. We will definately keep lifting you all up, and that God would carry all of you through this difficult time. Please let us know if you need anything.

    Much Love,
    Dave, Kriste, Evan and Emma Miller

  2. LeAnn Jackson says:

    Keep the faith! We are praying for you guys and especially praying the trip and time in Manhattan will be peaceful and positive for both Gabby and the rest of the family. Remember what Deuteronomy 31:8 says, “The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged” I have found myself clinging to this verse over the past two months with Cameron. Stay strong; the Lord will be glorified in this journey.


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