Forever Changed

Good Morning,

We met with Dr. Grant at Duke yesterday. He is amazing. He completely blows the stereotype of the self-centered, arrogant, know-it-all neurosurgeon with no bedside manner out of the water! He is so caring and compassionate I couldn’t stop crying after the appointment. He truly cares!

We went over the EEG and it definitely shows bilateral activity. The next step is to figure out if it is really bilateral or just an illusion. Dr. Gallentine will be trying to schedule a videoEEG and an ictal SPECT. These tests will give us a better understanding of what area or areas the seizures are coming from. We will also look into scheduling a MEG while we are at NYU for the second opinion. This is a special machine similar to an MRI which may also help in establishing a seizure focus. They do not have the machine at Duke and Dr. Grant feels the MEG can certainly be a revealing test.

The bottom line yesterday was we do not want to proceed with any surgery until we have confirmation that the seizures are confined to one hemisphere. If they are, then we can place a grid on her brain to determine whether there is a seizure focus or widespread neuronal dysfunction. This would dictate whether lesionectomy or hemispherectomy would be a more promising option.

Dr. Grant said he will see Dr. Weiner at the end of this month at a conference and he will tell him about Gabrielle. He said Dr. Weiner is a very smart man and is well respected. Dr. Grant offerred to communicate directly with Dr. Weiner and collaborate in any way necessary to get Gabrielle the care she needs. We are blessed to have doctors like Dr. Grant at Duke.

Please continue to pray for God’s will in all of this. I am turning it completely over to Him knowing He has a plan. I feel in the past year I have entered into a world of sick children. This world was always present but I just wasn’t a part of it. I was able to forget about the children suffering in hospitals all around the world while I lived my life in a bubble of happiness. A bubble where you worry about what to wear, what’s for dinner, when you’ll find time to clean, and where to go on your next vacation. I feel like a veil has been lifted from my eyes and everywhere I look now there is a child suffering and heartbroken parents. I have entered a world where parents are clinging to Jesus just to get through another day. I guess I am forever changed…changed for the better because I too am clinging to My Father just to get through another day.

Please continue to pray!


  1. Margaret says:

    Wow. I can’t believe that you are able to handle all of this. I wouldnt be able to. I think you’re caution about how to proceed is wise. I am so thankful that you have such good doctors! We’re praying for you!

    Margaret and Graham

  2. ((hugs)) to you and your entire family. :-)

  3. Laura Williams says:

    Hello Kelly

    I am continually encouraged by your increased faith and perseverance. God is certainly moving and in control and you are there watching and waiting. I would like to learn more about living outside the bubble. I am praying God will show me a way without having to go through all you are doing. I don’t know if that is selfish or not, I am trying not to over analyze it:) Please if you ever see someone how is sick and needs a friend, a letter of encouragement, anything. please let us know. I know I am not good at seeing outside my own life. I need help:) Maybe God could use you to do that. You have already opened my eyes to so many things. Praising the Lord for all that. Praising the Lord for seeing you through this all with such a content, patience, and loving spirit. If we can EVER do anything besides pray for you and your family, please let us know. Otherwise, we will continue to lift you, your family and your desires up to our loving and precious Saviour.

  4. Cindy & Mark Francis says:

    You know we love every one of you. God is certainly opening new doors to look into. We are praying and we know that God will lead you. I saw that world of sick children when my first cousin’s sons each had to have a bone marrow transplant to survive. Thankfully, God provided the perfect donor – their older sister – born before either one of them. She was there all along. They are 2 years past the BMT and are finally living a normal family life. They were touched by many families with similar situations. God will do the best for Gabrielle.
    Love, Cindy, Mark, Anna & Jack

  5. Hinrichs Family says:

    Omelia family-
    I have to say as I read this to Dave tonight I was so moved I began to cry. Where my children’s illness was nowhere near what you are experiencing I understand and empathize with you. God really does have a plan and sometime, in all honesty, I just don’t understand God. Dave and I continue to pray for your whole family and to continue to pour out blessing over you.

    Love and Blessings on you all-

  6. LeAnn Jackson says:

    Amen about Dr. Grant! I couldn’t agree with you more. I am so thankful God not only put Dr. Grant in our lives for Cameron, but also in your life for Gabby. It was so good to see you on Tuesday, I’m just sorry it had to be on the third floor of the Children’s Hospital. Keep clinging to Jesus. He is the great physician and the one who will carry Gabby and Cameron and many others through these storms of life. And praises again that we have the opportunity to see the Lord work through such an amazing man as Dr. Grant.

    Blessings – LeAnn

  7. Kathryn Healy says:

    Thanks Kelly for the update on Gabrielle! It is wonderful to know that there are doctors out there like Dr. Grant who truly care. Kevin’s surgeon was an amazing doctor as well. It definitely takes a special person to do what they do. There is so much suffering in the world around us that we overlook as we go about our daily routines. Thank you for reminding us of what so many people are dealing with so that we can keep them in our prayers as well. Stay strong and we will be praying that Gabrielle will find relief from her seizures very soon. We love you all!
    Kath, Brian and Brendan

  8. Graham Poor says:

    We are praying for you.
    And being reminded of what is really important by your experience.
    God Bless…

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