Quick Update

Gabrielle has been having all of her seizures lately while awakening out of sleep and during the night. She is up every 1-2 hours during the night and sometimes more frequently. When I grow exhausted from getting her back to sleep in her crib I stick her in our bed. This is how I confirmed she is having at least 3-4 seizures per night. She is also having seizures upon wakening in the am and after her nap.
You can tell she does not rest well because she normally falls back asleep within an hour of getting up. By afternoon she has still been coming to life. She wants to be down playing and walking. Her appetite returns and she is quite interactive. She seems to be turning her left foot inward when she is up walking. I think the seizures are responsible. Despite all of this, Gabrielle was out playing in our cul-de-sac the other night trying to keep up with the other children. She was walking up and down the street and dodging bicycles and scooters.

We haven’t heard from the doctors about getting Gabrielle in for more testing. They only have a handful of pediatric beds that have video EEG monitors. I will probably call today just to check in with her neurologist.

Thank you for all the wonderful posts and for continuing to pray for Gabby!


  1. Margaret says:

    It’s so great to hear about the dodging of scooters and bikes. It must make your heart leap when shes out there doing batlle with the other kids! I think she and Mary Rose would make quite a pair.

    We love you,

  2. Jen Moretz says:

    I will continue to lift little Gabby and your family to the Lord in prayer. Your faith is inspirational and grounding. I often need a reminder that my life–with all of its flaws–is a blessed life. I’ve truly come to a point in my life in which I can see suffering in my life for what it is–God shaping my character into character that is acceptable to him. My suffering has made me more compassionate and understanding, and above all, it has made me stronger. I see your strength and character in your writings. You are truly a woman of faith. Thank you for inspiring me. God’s blessings in New York. Call me if you’re at Duke before them and I’ll sneak out of my office to come say hello. Love and miss you guys–Jen :)

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