Stage One is Complete

Gabrielle is out of surgery and stable. She did not require any transfusions and all of the probes and grids were successfully placed. She will be headed up to PICU in the next 30 minutes. Dr. Weiner said he just saw Gabrielle moving her left side which is really great! Thanks so much for thinking of us and keeping us in your prayers today!



  1. Margaret says:

    That sounds good! We’re routing for you guys!


  2. Kelly,

    After I read your post to my blog, I took a look to see if you were out there in the web-sphere and here you are. I’m so glad to hear stage 1 has gone well. Reading your recent posts brought me right back to NYU Hospital in my mind and although I remember how challenging it was to have a child go through this surgery, it is a place that will forever be full of fond memories that offered a new future for my son. This is what I wish for you.


  3. Lisa Austin says:

    That is great news. You all have been on my heart and in my prayers all day. We love you.

  4. Maria & Allen says:

    Hey – we just wanted to let you know that Gabby and the rest of the O’Melia Clan are in our daily prayers. Love to you all.

    -Maria, Allen, Jarod, Morgan, & Jordan

  5. Ben and Beth Glick says:

    We are thinking of you guys and praying for you daily. Glad to hear the good news. We miss you and love you all!!!

  6. Kelly,
    i just looked at the website after i sent you an email first that “i was thinking of you”. Now that i have seen the site, i realized you all are going through so much and i wanted to let you know that i am praying for you, your family, and mostly Gabby. she is a precious gift from God and i know that he will not let you all down. i wish there was more i could do for you all and if you can think of anything, please don’t hesitate to ask. Certainly when you all return from this unexpected adventure, if Gabby needs any therapies at all, we would be more than happy to help . But , on a personal note, if there is anyting i can do outside of pray, please let me know that as well. All my best to you :)

    Donna Greene, OTR/L
    Kids-R-Us Therapy, INC

  7. Carol Auer says:

    You all have been in our thoughts and prayers many times throughout the day today. Thanks for keeping us up to date on how Gabrielle is doing. We were so glad to hear that all has gone well so far. Praising Him with you for the good news that everything was put in place successfully and that there is movement on her left side.

    With love & prayers,
    Ken, Carol, Hope, Caleb & Joshua

  8. Margaret – your wonderfully geeky typo gave me a good chuckle! :)



  10. Anne Wright says:

    Great news! We will continue to pray for her recovery and for strength for you and Duff! Thanks for the update.


  11. Great News you all! Give Gabby a hug! Alysia,Jason, Miranda and Alec

  12. Art n Deb says:

    Along with so many others, we’re praying for Gabrielle and you folks to the One who is love, the One whose arm is not shortened, the one who has been touched with our infirmities.

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