Next Stage of Surgery on Wednesday

Tomorrow Gabrielle will have the next stage of surgery completed. We are going to proceed conservatively at this point. The data shows activity in the anterior temporal lobe, remaining frontal lobe, and the motor strip leading into the sensory area of the parietal lobe. Dr. Weiner and Dr. Devinsky have recommended that we resect non-eloquent cortex initially and only go back for the motor/sensory area if the seizures continue. Consequently Dr. Weiner plans to remove the remaining right frontal lobe and the anterior portion of Gabby’s temporal lobe. He will remove the tissue all the way up to the motor cortex including the supplementary cortex which means we may see paralysis of the left side but it should be temporary and movement usually returns in 1-4 weeks. Mapping out the area that does control motor movements in a child under five is normally difficult and the doctors often have to use anatomical landmarks to guide the resection. This just means there is a little higher risk of accidentally resecting a motor area which could result in a deficit.

It is our prayer that the resection tomorrow will control Gabrielle’s seizures and that she wouldn’t have any lingering paralysis or weakness. It is our prayer that any resection after tomorrow would prove unnecessary as it could result in long-term motor and sensory deficits of Gabby’s left side. We pray for God’s continued strength and guidance. Thanks for all of the amazing support you have provided through emails, messages, phone calls, etc.
Thanks for remembering to lift our little girl up to the Father.

I’ll update tomorrow.


  1. The Prados says:

    Dear friends,
    Such hope we have in the Lord. Stay strong and keep your eyes upon Him. We love you all and we continue to pray for your sweet Gabby. We think of you many times throughout each day. What a beautiul girl she is – fearfully and wonderfully made! Thank you Jesus for Gabrielle.

  2. Margaret says:

    We are praying for Gabrielle and for you. We pray that the doctors will be guided by God and that all will go exactly as it should. Thank you so much for the updates. We are thikig about you all the time.

    Margaret and Graham

  3. stephanie "auntie" thompson says:

    Allen, Jack and I are lifting you all up. Your entire family is such a blessing to this World – God loves you and so do we! Auntie

  4. The Ditto's says:

    We love you all and continue to pray for you (especially Gabby and the medical staff caring for her). Stay strong in LORD. He will see you through.
    The Ditto’s

  5. Dear OMelia Family, We are thinking about you all! We know God’s Hands are with you! giving you support! Sending Hugs!!! Cant wait to see you all back!

  6. Lisa Austin says:

    Our dear sweet friends,
    Our hope is in the Lord! We serve an awesome God that knows the plans He has for Gabrielle. Keep on holding fast. Your family is covered in prayers. We miss you and love you!

  7. Anne Wright says:

    We are cheering you all on from NC! We join you in praying for a successful surgery that will end Gabrielle’s seizures. Stay strong and know that God will protect your sweet baby girl and provide the doctors with all the knowledge and insight that they need. Thanks so much for keeping us updated. We miss you all!


  8. Paige & David says:

    Wish I could be there to give you a hug!
    Thinking and praying for you all. We miss you.

  9. Kelly and Duff,

    On this eve of Gabrielle’s surgery, Steve and I are praying that God will guide the Dr.’s with a clear direction for the complete resolution of seizures. We also pray that God lifts you up and gives you strength, hope and faith during this trying time. You are amazing parents!


    Nancy and Steve

  10. BIG prayers being sent today!!!!!!

  11. You are in my thoughts and prayers today!
    Julia and the gang!

  12. The Stancil's says:

    We wanted to let you know we are thinking of you and praying for your strength and for God to guide you and the doctors. We wish we could be there to offer you love and support in person! Lots of hugs and prayers are going your way! We miss you and love you! God – wrap your loving arms around Kelly, Duff, Gabrielle, and all the medical staff tending to Gabrielle and give them your strength, peace, and guidance.

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