Gabby Update

Gabrielle has had a rough day today. Her blood pressure has been running high, she has a fever, she is vomiting up all fluids, and she is pretty withdrawn and sleepy. Gabby’s left side has recovered amazingly well from the surgery. She was trying to pull a splint off using her left hand. Dr. Weiner was impressed! She is currently having another MRI completed to check for placement of the grids and electrodes.

We have not seen any seizures but the neurologist reported fairly regular spiking in the motor area and parietal lobe. He said he would proceed with hemispherectomy at this point if Gabby was his child. It was hard to hear about the continued spiking but at the same time we’re relieved to hear about it now while her skull is still open rather than a month from now. Still, it is so difficult to sign your child up for a surgery knowing it will result in new deficits. We have much to discuss with the doctors as we begin to make this next decision. We pray that God would direct our path and that Gabby would begin to feel better.

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayer.



  1. I know I say the same thing is every post….But I’m thinking about you guys and praying for you guys..EVERY SECOND.!!!!
    Sending you guys BIG hugs.

  2. We are thinking of you all!! Love you!! Hang in there Gabby!! We love you!

  3. Margaret says:

    Boy, this is tough. One thing to remember is that, in the past, things have unexpectedly turned in what we think of as a great direction. There was a reason why they did, and that reason is still there. Also, remember that you are making the best decisions possible for Gabrielle. God sent her to YOU because he knew you would take the best care of her in the world. Keep it up! You’re great parents.

    We love you,
    Margaret and Graham

  4. The Prados says:

    Hey O’Melias,
    We wish this could be so much easier for you. You have had to make really tough decisions. God has guided your steps so far and he won’t abandon you now. We pray for a peace that passes understanding to fall upon as you remember HE loves Gasbby even more than you do. We will not stop praying for your precious angel to feel better. We love you.

  5. Anne Wright says:

    Oh how I wish I could give you a big hug. It sounds like it has been a long, rough day. God sure knew what He was doing when he gave Gabrielle to you and Duff….He knew you could handle all the challenges. I have so much confidence that He will lead you into making the right decisions for her. Our prayers are constantly with you and we will be praying that Gabrielle feels better very soon.


  6. Steve Sussmann says:

    Kelly, Duff, and kids,

    Nancy and I continue to keep you all, most especially Gabby, in our prayers. Your positive attitude through this has been an inspiration to everyone.

    We love you,
    Steve & Nancy

  7. Lisa Austin says:

    Hey O’Melia’s,
    This has truly been a tough road with lots of speed bumps but I truly believe God’s hand is at work here. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all you ways acknowledge Him and HE WILL DIRECT YOUR PATHS.” We are continually lifting you up before the throne. We love you all so much and miss you terribly.

  8. Kath, Brian, and Brendan says:

    Kel and Duff,
    We are so sorry to hear that Gabrielle is having a rough time following surgery. I pray that God gives you both the strength you need to get through this and to see clearly what path should be taken. You are truly special parents and have shown us all what family is about. Please know that we are with you all in spirit and love you very much. Love, Kath, Brian and Brendan

  9. Hey Kelly!

    I am sorry that your path continues to twist on this seemingly long and winding road. As always, you amaze me with your unaltering faith! Please stay strong for your beautiful Gabrielle and remember that the brain is a truly amazing work of God’s art! Youth and time allow for so much to be reassigned to the left hemisphere if indeed the right hemisphere has to be removed.

    In all of our experiences with Alex, it helped me to remember that whatever deficits that surfaced could be dealt with through time and therapies and assistive devices as necessary. What we couldn’t deal with was knowing and seeing that as the seizures continued and worsened and his seizure medications increased that his developmental (cognitive, motor, speech and feeding) progress came to a halting stop!

    My prayers continue for you and your family and my heart aches as you are forced to make such difficult decisions.

    Julia and the gang

  10. i came across this and thought of you:

    If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.
    Happy moments, praise God.
    Difficult moments, seek God.
    Quiet moments, worship God.
    Painful moments, trust God.
    Every moment, thank God.

    Our prayers are with you!

  11. Cindy & Mark Francis says:

    You were in our prayers at Wellspring this morning. We all miss you and your family. I hope today finds Gabrielle doing better. We are remembering you all and praying for you and Duff as you make these tough decisions. We love you!
    Cindy, Mark, Anna & Jack

  12. I am saying my prayers for you , Gabby , and your family. If there is more that i can do …I wish I knew what that was? Gabby is so lucky to have a Mom and a famiy that loves her as much as you all do. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

    Donna Greene, OTR/L

  13. The Furrs says:

    Hey Kelly and Duff,
    We pray Gabrielle is feeling better today. We know there are difficult decisions to be made, but we know God will help you make the right ones. We love you all and continue to keep you in our prayers.

    Love to you all,
    The Furrs

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