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Sorry it has been awhile since my last post. We had to wait a couple of days for BCBS to approve rehab services and in the meantime Gabrielle’s fever returned. We moved over to rehab late Thursday and the doctors over here have been very concerned about the fever. They have done more blood cultures, urine cultures, Chest x-rays, strep tests, and now a CT scan and a lumbar puncture. The good news is that so far all of the cultures are negative. Dr. Weiner believes it is aseptic meningitis which is basically an intense immune response triggered by the brain surgery itself. We continue to pray the cultures will remain negative and that the fever would disappear. The best news is that we haven’t seen any seizures and the follow-up EEG they did last week did not show any abnormal spiking or seizure activity. Praise God!

Despite the fever, which gets pretty high at times, Gabrielle has still been able to make some progress in therapy. She is able to sit-up unassisted for a good while now and she is beginning to move her left arm a little more. They have begun trying to stand her up which she seems to tolerate a little better every day. The fever definitely saps her energy and interferes with her ability to participate in therapy sessions at times so once that improves she should be able to work a little harder.

I have been out of commission for the past 1 1/2 days with a stomach bug so I quarantined myself to the apartment so as not to infect Gabrielle and to give myself a chance to recover. We have been trying to come up with a plan for the next few weeks. As it stands right now, Duff and the 4 other kiddos are going to head up to the “Bradford House” in NH (courtesy of the Eglintine family) while Gabrielle and myself stay in NYC and continue rehab for a few more weeks. Then, God willing, we can all head back home to NC together!

Thank you for continuing to check-in on us, think of us, and pray for us!



  1. Margaret says:

    That’s great news about no seizures! Thank you, God! We will pray that the fever goes away NOW, and that she gets to enjoy the therapy and gain strength.

    I hope you’re feeling better, too, Kelly!

    Margaret & Graham

  2. We will continue to keep Gabrielle in our prayers. It is good to hear that she is making some progress despite the fevers and all the poking and prodding that goes along with it. Hang in there, it will get better!

    Kristi Hall
    Jessie’s Mom

  3. Kelly,
    I am working on the website for The Hemispherectomy Foundation and am wanting to put pictures of children on our home page who have had a hemi. You can actually go and see what we have up right now. We are working hard on getting more put up there, as well as a graphic artist to come in and fancy it up. But for now, you can see all but the main page.
    I was reading your blog last night and it was so heartwrenching for me. Your daughter is so beautiful and is the youngest hemi child I’ve known about it. With your permission, I would like to put Gabrielle’s picture on our site. If you want, I don’t have to use her name, for security reasons. Our website is all about the children and the families and these are the pictures we need.
    Please contact me at the above email and let me know what you think!
    In any case, God Bless you and your sweet family. You have a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL little girl!
    Caren Jennings

  4. The Ditto family says:

    Hey O’Melia family,
    Without knowing Gabby had a fever I felt led to mention healing for fever for her yesterday. No more seizures!!! HOORAY!!! Will continue to pray for healing and strength for Gabby and the rest of you guys.

  5. Jane Stefanik says:

    Hello, we are so glad to hear that Gabrielle is doing so well! Blogs like this help many others going through the same experience. I am a friend of Kristi and Cris Hall whose daughter Jessie had her hemispherectomy on June 11 The Hall’s are in the process of setting up The Hemispherectomy Foundation – which will be up and running this evening. We would love to talk to you about including Gabrielle in the Foundation that would help so many people as well as enable many more people to pray for Gabrielle’s continued journey. Please contact me if you get a chance. In the meantime, we will continue to pray for Gabrielle’s great success!

    Jane Stefanik
    The Hemispherectomy Foundation

  6. Anne Wright says:

    It is great to hear from you and receive an update! What great news about there being no seizures! We will pray that the fever goes down and for therapy to be successful. I hope you are feeling better, Kelly! We are still cheering for you all!


  7. Cindy & Mark Francis says:

    WOOHOO! No seizures! What wonderful news!
    I hope the fever is gone and you’re feeling better Kelly. We’re praying and thinking of you everyday.

    We hope the next update will be more great news!
    Cindy, Mark, Anna & Jack

  8. Hey Kelly!

    No Seizures! Aren’t those the most beautiful words?!? I continue to pray that Gabby’s fever improves along with her strength and endurance. Take care of yourself so that you can be there for her when she needs you the most! We continue to wish you and your family the best.

    Julia and the gang

  9. Dear Kelly et al,

    I was so glad to read your news. What a relief. I’m so accustomed to looking for your updates.
    It really sounds like things are going about as well as we could hope and pray for at this time. God bless that little baby, I can just picture her little arm moving and the tiny legs beginning to strengthen. I’m glad to hear you took the time you needed to get well yourself. I pray for your continued strength and health.
    We’re planning to go to North Carolina this week end. You’re such a part of our familiy experience there. So many memories. Thank you so much…
    Give everyone a kiss for me, expecially that little Gabrielle.
    Love, Mary

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