Rehab Update

Gabrielle continues to spike daily fevers up in the 103-104F range. We are now medicating her around the clock with Motrin which has helped keep her more comfortable. Her blood counts look good and continue to improve. All of her cultures remain negative at this point. We are expecting the fevers will begin to disappear as her immune system settles down. We are so thankful there are no other signs of infection. Gabrielle was able to participate in a full day of therapy today. She is making progress in her sitting and standing. She is smiling more and beginning to trust the therapists.

We are working on the logistics of getting out of the apartment, getting Duff and the kids to NH, and setting Gabby and myself up for several weeks in the hospital on our own.

I’ll post more later!


  1. Jessie had several intermittent fevers the first month or so after surgery. I’ve heard of them going longer.

    The docs kept telling us that as long as she doesn’t look sick, the chances are that it is simply post-hemi fevers.

    Google Dr. Kossoff, Vining, Freeman, Carson paper on post hemi fevers…it is really good.

    I’m glad Gabrille is doing well.


  2. Margaret says:

    Good luck to all of you settling into yet another new routine! I can’t wait for you to all be home together. Gabrielle sounds like she’s doing very well. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for no more fever!

    Margaret & Graham

  3. Hi Kel, Duff and Gabrielle,

    I am so glad to hear that Gabrielle is free of any infection, but so sorry that she’s still getting such high fevers. It’s wonderful that Gabby is beginning to show some improvement. I miss her little smiling face. We are praying for you all as always. I’m so glad you’re feeling better as well Kel, I know you had a bad bug! We have enjoyed all of the other kids and have made some great memories. You have all been through so much and I hope that the road starts to get a little easier from this point on. We love you. Give Gabby kisses for us.

    Kath, Brian and Brendan

  4. LeAnn Jackson says:

    Hang in there you guys. Remember that every passing day is one step further down the road to recovery. You will have good days and bad. I will pray the Lord will deliver wonderful strength and love on the bad to sustain you until the next good day. I’ll be praying the fevers depart soon and that she will continue to show signs of improvement. And I’m praying for you too Kelly. I miss Connor so badly when we are stuck at Duke and likewise, I know you are so torn between caring for Gabby and missing the rest of your family as well. I pray the Lord will just shower all of you with peace and give the other four wisdom beyond their years to understand why mommy and daddy have to give Gabby so much attention right now. Much love and prayers!


  5. Hey Kelly!

    Such wonderful news that you are finally able to see your beautiful baby girl start smiling again! What wonderful progress she is making! I pray for your continued strength and spirit and for the ever eternal optimism of a child for Gabby that she may always reach for the stars! You and your family are in my daily thoughts!


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