3 weeks post-op

Gabrielle’s fever is slowly improving. They began giving motrin round the clock to help suppress the inflammatory response and now we are trying to wean her off of it. Therapy is slow going. One day you see such progress and the next you feel like you’re taking steps backward. I guess you have to gauge progress in weekly chunks and then you really begin to see the improvement.

Duff left Monday to meet up with the kids and now they are all in NH together. I included a picture above, of the 4 kids together again! Gabby and I will probably be here for a few more weeks and we continue to pray we won’t see any signs of hydrocephalus.

I no longer have a computer here and I’m presently updating on
an iphone so don’t be concerned if the updates are less frequent.



  1. Alysia Phipps says:

    Wow! Kelly we are thinking about you! and praying Sending you and Gabby Big Hugs! We love you!

  2. Margaret says:

    Hi Kelly,

    You are truly brave people. I’m glad that Duff is back with the kids – they must be so glad to have their Daddy! We’ll keep praying for you and Gabrielle. SHe’s a lucky girl to have you!

  3. Hang in there Gabby and Kelly!! Cris and Kristi Hall

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