Anna Romanosky – Top Notch Physical Therapist


When Gabrielle was discharged from NYU Medical Center last August following her hemispherectomy she was just beginning to take a few steps on her own again. She would require many more months of intensive rehab to regain function. When we walked into Raleigh Neurology and met Anna Romanosky, the physical therapist that would be working with Gabby, we were skeptical. How would she compare to the therapists at NYU? Would she have the skills necessary to work with our daughter?

It wasn’t long before our skepticism was replaced with trust. In a few short weeks I was raving about Anna. After 6 months of 3-4 weekly visits we wrote this letter to Ms. Anna:

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And here’s Gabby…..

Just a short video to show you what Gabby is up to these days:

I’m Back!

img_9335I know it has been way too long since I updated this blog. At first, I was just surviving the last trimester of pregnancy with an insanely busy schedule of therapy appointments, OB appointments, and life. Then I was just trying to get back on my feet from my cesarean, an infection of my incision, and breastfeeding woes. Next the baby colic set in which was not a good mix for homeschooling and 7 therapy appointments a week. Listening to screaming for hours a day is exhausting. All of this seemed minor though compared to a day with seizures. Then on February 14th we thought we saw a seizure. It was a very minor trembling/shivering episode that lasted maybe 15 seconds but something nevertheless. We began watching Gabby like a hawk. She had 2 more of these episodes about 2 weeks later and we contacted Dr. Orrin Devinsky her neurologist at NYU and Dr. Howard Weiner her surgeon.

Have I mentioned that I love these two men??? They are awesome. They always respond to my emails within the hour, even if they’re vacationing in Colorado! They recommended we get an MRI and an EEG. We had both of these completed locally at Duke. Dr. Devinsky also suggested that we may want to increase her lamictal some. The EEG looked fine but it was only an hour long. The MRI looked good as well. It was negative for hydrocephalus and showed no apparent shifting.

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