And here’s Gabby…..

Just a short video to show you what Gabby is up to these days:


  1. Very sweet! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Robin Prado says:

    What a beautiful moment in life to see how well Gabby is doing. A miracle is simply put – beautiful – and she is a miracle. We are thankful for you Gabby for reminding us that God is so good.

  3. Cynthia Corll says:

    That is adorable and truly amazing! Her speech is wonderful! God is truly magnificent…what man says should be impossible, God makes entirely possible. He is so good to us.

  4. just beautiful… thank you for this fresh image of Gabby.

  5. margaret poor says:

    Yippee for all of you – we’re thrilled!

  6. Carolyn Puperi says:

    I am so glad to see Gabby doing so well. She is a beautiful little girl. How awesome is our God!!!!

  7. julia williams says:

    Hey Kelly!

    Good seeing you and the kids today at therapy! Your children are always so well behaved! Of course after talking with you, I had to look up your site tonight! I cannot believe how far Gabby’s speech has come in just the past couple of weeks! Each time that I see her I am just amazed at how well she is doing, and she seems so much happier after coming off of the one medicine. We truly are blessed to have these children in our lives, and I feel fortunate to have met up with you through their circumstances. I would love to have you and your kids come over to play/do crafts sometime this summer if you are up to it! Katie and Gabrielle seem so enthralled with each other and could become quite the playmates. I live just up the way from the therapy offices and have play equipment in a fenced backyard (including a trampoline which has really helped Alex’s balance)!

    By the way, the site that I was telling you about was item # 12737 dri nights bedwetter pants size 4t-10 $12.95 each.

    Talk to you soon!


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