Surgery in Progress

We arrived at NYU around 6:20 this morning. They took Gabrielle back to pre-op holding almost immediately. We completed all of the pre-op paper work and vitals while Gabby slept in my arms. She awoke right before we headed down for a presurgical MRI. She was in a very happy mood and kept asking to go to Mimi and Poppy’s house. We went into the MRI room and they put her to sleep in my arms. She fought this process for about a minute and
impressed me with her feistiness. She was kept under and delivered to the OR suite where I kissed her good-bye and spoke with Dr. Weiner briefly.

The surgical procedure itself began at 11:00am. Dr. Weiner expects to finish around 3:00ish. He will be focusing on the right frontal region where there is some residual tissue that may harbour a missed electrical connection.

This is it. This “redo” will be our final attmpt to stop Gabrielle’s seizures. I explained to Gabby that, “The doctors just need to make a “boo-boo” on your head to stop the seizures and then we’ll go visit Mimi and Pop.” I hope and pray that this is in fact the case.

I have learned a lot about faith over the last two years.
Faith in the midst of suffering. Faith in the midst of heartache. Faith in the midst of death.
Faith when God’s will is carried out instead of my own.

Lord God, I ask you to move this mountain from our lives in the name of your son Jesus. I ask with the faith of a child knowing without doubt that you alone are fully capable of healing our daughter of these debilitating seizures. And Lord, I ask that if this is not your will that you would provide us with all of the strength and endurance necessary to continue on this journey.

I’ll post as I know more..
Thank you for all of your support, prayer, and words of encouragement.

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