Post-op Day #1

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Gabrielle seems to be doing really well today. She went for a wagon ride around the unit and then walked from her bed down to the PICU entrance. When I tried to bring her back to our “pod” she resisted and so we went and hung out in the solarium for a while for a change of scenery.

She was wheeled downstairs for an MRI around 1:30 and they gave her a little sedative to help her lie still for the study. When we returned to the floor she was allowed to receive a regular food tray. She ate a few fries and downed almost all of a chocolate milk. I cut her off fearing she might get sick if she didn’t proceed more slowly. She then fell asleep and has been resting comfortably for the last two hours.

She has had most of her lines removed today and I’m praying she continues to make good progress in her recovery.
I’ll update again tomorrow.



  1. julia williams says:

    Hey Kelly!

    I hope that you are holding up! It sounds like Gabby is doing Great! I even got a little chuckle out of reading about the chocolate milk! Katie would only drink chocolate milk when she was recently hospitalized with the flu! Go figure! Praying for a continued smooth recovery and that you are able to return home soon!



  2. Dear Kelly
    Gabrielle’s recovery is so exciting. Will keep praying for her to continue to make such good progress. Much grace to you as you continue to stand both physically and spiritually.
    Love Pam

  3. I’m grateful for you updates.
    Thank you for taking the time to post them.
    It’s so nice to pray with these details in mind.

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