Post-op Day #3

Gabby was up and ready to go around 7:00 this morning. She was a bit cranky until she received her Tylenol and then she was ready for walks and wagon rides. Gabby’s walking is much more steady today. She no longer wants to hold my hand for balance and she has actually tried to run a couple of times.

The MRI from the other day looks “perfect” according to Dr. Weiner. He stated that all of the tissue was completely removed and if that was the cause then we shouldn’t see any more seizures. Gabby’s JP drain is still in place and we are waiting for the drainage to become very scant and clear before pulling it out. Dr. Weiner wants to drain as much of the serosanguinous fluid as possible to reduce the risk of hydrocephalus. He shared that a large amount of debris in the CSF can “clog” the flow of spinal fluid in the brain. We plan to pull the drain tomorrow and then wait one more day to see if there is any leaking from the wound.

At this point it is looking like we may be discharged Saturday. There is debate over whether to complete one more overnight EEG once the drain is pulled to see if everything looks normal electrically. I need to speak with Dr. Devinsky more about this.

Thanks for continuing to walk beside us on this journey.
We pray Gabby’s recovery will continue to go well and I’ll update as she progresses.



  1. Cara Snover says:

    this sounds very encouraging Kelly! We will continue to pray for Gabby’s complete healing. I will miss you at co-op tomorrow and our wonderful chats! All my love, Cara

  2. julia williams says:

    Gabby is truly an amazing little girl! I am in awe of how well she tolerates her surgeries! Alex was a miserable beastly boy who would not eat or drink or really interact after his second surgery! He ran high fevers and required more than just tylenol around the clock! Still, I am so excited that you guys might be discharged on Saturday…I think that just about everyone heals better at home rather than in a hospital! All our love and prayers are with you and Gabby! Keep us in mind if you need anything! We love you!


  3. Robin Prado says:

    Wow! That child is really and truly amazing! I can’t believe she is trying to run and she just had surgery Monday. We are so happy that she is progressing so well. The Lord is good. We miss you all. We will keep praying for Gabby.
    much love,
    robin and family

  4. Allen & Maria says:

    “Jesus Loves You This I Know, For the Bible Tells Me So
    Little Ones to Him Belong, They are Weak, But He is Strong.
    Yes, Jesus Loves You. Yes, Jesus Loves you. Yes, Jesus Loves You, The Bible Tells Me So.”

    Kelly, we have been praying hard for Gabby and all you O’Melias’. Stay strong. Stay Faithful.

    With Love -


  5. This is all very encouraging news! Thank you for keeping us all up to date. I am thinking of you guys and see God’s faithfulness in your journey. Hugs to little Gabby and teh rest of the Omelia’s.

  6. I stumbled upon your youtube videos and blog today. My daughter was born 8/29/06 and began to have partial complex seizures after her second birthday. She was diagnosed with cortical dysplasia in the left parietal region. Thanks for posting your story. I felt so lost when all of this first happened and was at a loss for information. My daughter is seizure free for 11 months but we also worry it will return. I would love to correspond with you.

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