Post-op Day # 4

It can be really difficult to get any sleep around here and Gabby looks just exhausted today. She had her drain pulled a short while ago and it required an extra suture to fully close the area. The incision looked good. Gabby tolerated this pretty well and is glad to have the large head wrap off as it was growing hot and itchy. She is presently getting some much needed rest.

Later today we plan to reattach electrodes to capture an EEG overnight. Dr. Devinsky would really like to see how surgery has affected the electrical activity and wants to have a new baseline to direct future medication decisions, etc. Please pray that the EEG would reveal perfectly normal activity.

We hope to be discharged sometime tomorrow. We will then hang out at my parent’s for several days to make sure Gabby is free of complications before heading back to NC.

Gabby amazes people with her personality and disposition even after everything she has endured. People and medical staff continue to be impressed by her resiliency. She taught a nursing assistant her dance to “Big House” yesterday in the hall way. She gave a hug to a very timid child with an infection of the knee. At music therapy, she shared her favorite version of “If You’re Happy and Know It” which is, “If you’re happy and you know it shout Amen!” She was teased by one of the fathers that she probably has a future in evangelism. I’m thinking her work has already begun. :)

We are surrounded here by people of many different beliefs yet we all share a common bond. We all have a suffering child that we love beyond comprehension. We have all asked the same questions. Why is this happening? Why my child?

Tears form in the eyes of many of these parents as they share their story. They tell about how they came to be on this unexpected journey. They speak about their fears, they wonder how they will endure this, they question where they will find the strength.

I begin to share my story…….and pray that they will one day know the Author. The One who never lets go. The One who knows every tear, wipes away fear, and gives strength to the weak. More importantly the One who gives hope to the hopeless.

Please continue to pray for Gabby’s recovery and for the continued absence of seizures.

Thank you!


  1. Paige and David says:

    Thanks for taking the time to update us on Gabby. We are thankful that she is recovering well and pray that the EEG looks good. Looking forward to seeing you back in NC soon!

  2. Allen & Maria says:

    Still Praying! Big Bold Loud Prayers each day.


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