Jesus Loves Me

I used to sing this song to Gabrielle all the time. When she was 8-10 months old, her brain was continuously seizing and we were waiting to find out if Gabby was a surgical candidate. I would hold her in my arms much of the day, rocking her tiny body, and looking into those big blue eyes. I would begin to sing Jesus Loves Me only I would change the words to Jesus Loves You. Immediately tears would fill my eyes as I reminded my daughter despite all the suffering she was presently enduring Jesus did love her. Truthfully, I was reminding myself. I was convincing myself that a loving God could allow such painful struggles.

Three surgeries and countless seizures later Gabrielle has begun to sing the very same song to me.

Jesus loves me! this I know,
For the Bible tells me so.
Little ones to Him belong;
they are weak but He is strong.

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Happy 3rd Birthday

Gabby at hotel pool in NJIMG_1940Yummy, ice cream cake!Sisters

Today is Gabrielle’s 3rd Birthday and we really do have a lot to celebrate!

Gabrielle is walking.

Gabrielle is talking.

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Just a dream….

We arrived home yesterday evening after spending a week at my parent’s home in CT. I wanted to update before leaving the hospital knowing it would be difficult once I was back with the rest of my crew. Unfortunately, IPhones have some serious issues in Manhattan. I went to update the blog and my phone completely locked up. I was convinced I was headed to the Apple store to trade it in when it miraculously began working again 45 minutes outside the city. Anyway I digress…Gabby is doing great!

Gabby was hooked up to a 12 lead EEG throughout the night prior to discharge. I was told to press the button if I saw any seizures. I said to the nurse half-kiddingly, “I better not see any seizures!” That night I had to press the button twice. My stomach was a pit of hopelessness and then I woke up. Don’t you love the relief that comes when you realize it was just a really bad dream! Just when you find yourself in the midst of complete despair and you have only to open your eyes and the nightmare is over. It was just a dream! Thank you, Lord! Gabby’s EEG looked NORMAL and we have not seen any seizures since surgery.

Gabby has recovered amazingly well. She came through surgery without a hitch. Her incision is healing beautifully. She has her healthy glow back and her endurance, even from last week, has improved immensely. She is eating better than she has in months and is trying new foods.

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