Just a dream….

We arrived home yesterday evening after spending a week at my parent’s home in CT. I wanted to update before leaving the hospital knowing it would be difficult once I was back with the rest of my crew. Unfortunately, IPhones have some serious issues in Manhattan. I went to update the blog and my phone completely locked up. I was convinced I was headed to the Apple store to trade it in when it miraculously began working again 45 minutes outside the city. Anyway I digress…Gabby is doing great!

Gabby was hooked up to a 12 lead EEG throughout the night prior to discharge. I was told to press the button if I saw any seizures. I said to the nurse half-kiddingly, “I better not see any seizures!” That night I had to press the button twice. My stomach was a pit of hopelessness and then I woke up. Don’t you love the relief that comes when you realize it was just a really bad dream! Just when you find yourself in the midst of complete despair and you have only to open your eyes and the nightmare is over. It was just a dream! Thank you, Lord! Gabby’s EEG looked NORMAL and we have not seen any seizures since surgery.

Gabby has recovered amazingly well. She came through surgery without a hitch. Her incision is healing beautifully. She has her healthy glow back and her endurance, even from last week, has improved immensely. She is eating better than she has in months and is trying new foods.

Gabby still LOVES the song “Big House” by Audio Adrenaline but just today she began requesting a new favorite. I have to admit I’m relieved.:) You can only listen to a song so many times. “Get Down”, also by Audi Adrenaline, is her new favorite. Yes, Gabby likes to rock out and her joy is contagious!

I have found the lyrics to this song to be sooo true. Especially the following excerpt:

In your weakness He is stronger
In your darkness He shines through
When you’re crying He’s your comfort
When you’re all alone, He’s carrying you

He has truly lifted us up and carried us through all of this!

I promise to post some video of Gabby “getting down”.:)



  1. julia williams says:

    Thank God Kelly! You had me a little worried until I read the just a dream part…I am so happy and relieved for you and your family! Glad that you guys are home! Can’t wait to see you again sometime! If you need ANYTHING…Please do not hesitate to call!


  2. Wahoo! I get down, He lifts me up I get down… :)

  3. Brought tears to my eyes! (And I don’t think they are pregnancy related.) Thanks for updating us on Gabby

  4. Robin Prado says:

    It was SO great to see you all at Smile this morning. I’m so happy for all you that Gabby’s surgery was a success. We celebrate with you. We love the O’Melias!

  5. The Francis Family says:

    Hey O’Melias!
    Glad you are home and even more glad that Gabby is doing well. I like Gabby’s choice in music. Getting down is fun! Can’t wait to see the video of the dancing queen.
    We love you all!
    Cindy, Mark, Anna & Jack

  6. Margaret & Graham says:

    I’m so glad that you are all home again! Yeah for you! Yeah for Gabby!!!

  7. Kelly, thank you so much for posting on our blog about Gabrielle’s fever that she ran after last year’s surgery. It was a great comfort to know that what my daughter is experiencing can be normal. I’m glad to see you all are home! We get to go home tomorrow and I could not be happier. My daughter also had cortical dysplasia and we’re so hopeful that she will now be seizure free. Best of luck to you and your darling girl.

  8. Stephanie says:

    Wonderful ! We are so glad she’s doing well and that you’re home. We can’t wait to see her !

  9. Laura Williams says:

    Hello Kelly and Family

    I to was bit worried until I read the JUST A DREAM:) I am so thankful she is doing well and home with all her buddies. Continued prayer for it to remain so. Praying for you all as you adjust back into life at home again. Praying we get to see you sometime soon:) Life can seem like a roller coaster. We just need to make it happen. Also, looking forward to the music video dance princess. Love to all.

  10. Totally awesome and praise God!
    The Ditto’s

  11. Praise the Lord!! I have been wondering and am so glad to know it was just the NY airwaves. Hope to see all of you soon!!

  12. Praise God Kelly. Such good news! You have all done so well through the grace of God. It must be wonderful to be back together as a family. My other kids worry so much when Daniel is in hospital, I’m sure it must be similar for you.
    Your courage has given me hope to keep fighting.
    Thank God for you all
    Lots of Love Pam

  13. I was anxiously following up Gabby’s progress during the month of September, which I spent in Czech Republic. I must admit, this last report was far the best yet! Yes, we serve an awesome and mighty God, Jehovah Raffa…and I am eternally grateful for all the marvelous things He is doing in the lives of those, who trust and love Him. I can’t wait to see Gabby dancing again! We love you!

  14. Kelly, I have posted here a long time ago and I have found your story so similiar to ours.

    My daughter has cortial dysplasia too and underwent her 2nd brain surgery in May 2009. She was seizure free for 3 months and now the seizures have returned. We are going for an EEG tomorrow to determine next steps. Only mothers who have walked this road can fully understand.

    Gabby is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing her story. I am so thrilled to hear that things have gone well post surgery. I often wonder if a 3rd surgery is in the cards for us….

    Look forward to following Gabby on her journey to complete healing.

    With affection,

  15. Dear Kelly, Gabrielle and family, it is very nice to have such a good new and makes us feel so happy for your beautiful angel and to be more confident on our Diego. He had the electrodes placed on Monday, and yes, we finally. Started the process of the three stages. We will keep Gabrielle in our prays, when you ask for God’s help with faith he always listen and you are one example of that.

  16. Maria & Allen says:

    Love to all of you. We are so Thankful that prayers have been answered and that your family is whole again!


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