School Days…..

Gabby started preschool 2 mornings a week and she just loves it! She is in a mixed classroom of about 10 children, some with special needs and some that are typically developing. The first day I dropped her off it was difficult to leave. I am so used to being her mom, nurse, therapist, teacher, advocate, etc that I was uncomfortable leaving her in someone else’s care even for just a few hours. I found myself considering all of the “what if’s”. What if she has a seizure? What if she walks into something because of her field cut? What if she falls? What if she can’t communicate a need? What if she thinks I’ve just abandoned her? I was then reminded that my precious Gabrielle is in the very palm of God’s hand and I immediately felt at peace.

I have been praying all along for very clear direction and that we would have complete peace with our decision. When I picked Gabby up that first day from school her teacher said, “Oh you don’t need to worry a thing about her! She is going to be just fine!” This past Monday morning I escorted Gabby into her classroom as I always do. The children sit in a reading corner with little chairs and read books independently until all of their classmates have arrived. While Gabby was hanging her coat in her cubby several of the children noticed her arrival and began calling, “Hi Gabby!”. Gabby happily replied to their greeting. She then excitedly hopped over to the corner, grabbed a book, and sat in a chair next to a little boy her own size. She turned toward him and began communicating with a bright confident smile on her face. This little glimpse of independence and normalcy lifted every worry from my shoulders and very much lightened my step as I exited the building that morning with a permanent smile on my face.

Gabrielle receives PT and OT while she is at preschool and she also began attending private therapy at Raleigh Neurology once again. We are in the process of getting her casted for new orthotics (SMO’s) since she has long since outgrown her present pair. The orthotics provide left ankle support to prevent the ankle from collapsing inward.

I haven’t yet received EEG results. Seems the data was lost in “never never land” for a while and was just mailed up to Dr. Devinsky in NYC 2 weeks ago. I should be hearing soon. I did get some preliminary feedback from her local neurologist that there did not appear to be any seizure activity during the shivering episode we captured on EEG.

As far as we can tell she has been doing great! She wakes up full of energy and happy which is a beautiful thing to see!

I will keep you posted!

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  1. julia williams says:

    Kelly: I am glad to hear that Gabby is doing so well and transitioning to a new phase in her life with such beauty and grace! I have been thinking about you and your family a lot lately, so, I was very thankful for the update! I am looking forward to the warmer weather and hope that we might be able to get together for some playdates as we progress into spring and summer!


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