I’m a Big Girl Now!

When Gabrielle had her first evaluation for North Carolina’s Exceptional Preschool Program back in January and her IEP was being developed I stated that my main goal for the year was to get my sweet Gabby potty trained. Over the last several months I periodically stuck a resistant 3 year old on the potty but we never had any success. As summer approached and with it fewer responsibilities and commitments I vowed that potty training would become my priority. I would start on this endeavor the week after constraint camp ended.

So as I began meeting other families at camp, many wonderful families who also had a child with hemiplegia, I inquired about approaches and success in the potty training arena. I was so encouraged by their stories. They all had positive outcomes. They all seemingly began with scheduled potty times and it gradually became a habit. I was ready to get started!

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