Joy filled Summer

Summer of 2007: Gabby spent much time visiting doctors, completing testing, and undergoing a right frontal lobectomy at Duke.

Summer of 2008: Gabby spent at NYU undergoing a 3 stage surgery which resulted in functional hemispherectomy.

Summer of 2009: Gabby’s seizures returned bringing us back to NYU for more testing and the completion of an anatomical hemispherectomy.

Summer of 2010: Gabby had fun!!!!

She swam. She played in sprinklers,
spraygrounds, and sandboxes.

She went to the fireworks. She ran barefoot.

She went down a water slide. She enjoyed her cousins’ company.

She jumped on the trampoline. She licked ice cream until it ran down her shirt. She picked blueberries.

She ate homemade pizza in her bathing suit. She ran around playgrounds. She danced to her favorite music.

She smiled. She laughed. She lived, free of wires, bandages, machines, doctors, and hospitals.

Thank you Lord, for this summer.


  1. May there be many more like this to come!! I pray this for her in Jesus’ name :o )

  2. It’s always great to hear of all her wonderful progress. I’m so happy your little girl has her life back to enjoy. Praying it only getting better and better.

  3. Shelley Conner says:

    Wonderful! I am amazed that you wrote this before church today, after the week you have had. Praying that this week will be better!!

  4. Carolyn Fitzgreald says:

    Kelly, I praise the Lord with you! What a wonderful, powerful, loving Lord we serve!

  5. Amen.

  6. SO much life for such a little girl (and her family!) to live in just a few short summers!

    My heart is soaring that you made such sweet memories this one!


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