Happy 4th Birthday!!!

Gabrielle had a wonderful 4th birthday!

She ate chips without dip and drank sweet tea.

She opened presents….

She was positively glowing.


Even when little Kin-Kin mutilated her castle cake she kept on smiling.

So thrilled to have her family sing “Happy Birthday”.

And tried her very hardest to blow out the candles.

What a blessing to celebrate Gabby’s 4th birthday!

Here is a quick video clip of Gabby’s first impression of the balloon bouquet she received when the music began playing:



  1. Carolyn Fitzgreald says:

    PTL for a great birthday for Gabby. She has grown so much in a year. Her longer hair makes her look older, too. It is pretty. What a blessing to see the health the Lord has given her, and all she has come through. He is good.

  2. How beautiful is she?!

  3. Gabby is indeed very beautiful!

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