Happy 5th Birthday

* Gabby turned 5 on October 13, 2011, but I’m just now getting around to updating. ;)

Gabby was super excited to turn 5 this year. When asked what she wanted for her birthday…she responded,”I want presents, birthday cake, and ice cream!”

One week before her party she spotted a large brown shipping box in my closet.

She inquired,”What’s in that box, Mommy?”

I shared that the box contained presents, and her eyes grew large as saucers and a huge smile spread across her face.

“Presents for my birthday, Mommy?”

I assured her that she was correct.

We continued on with our morning routine, getting dressed and groomed for school.

We headed downstairs for breakfast.

Twenty minutes later she came up to me and said,”I love the presents for my birthday!”

She was just soooo excited!

We kept the party small. (Just our family, plus Uncle Russ and Aunt Nancy.)

We didn’t want Gabby to get lost in the busyness of a larger gathering.

We had all of Gabby’s favorites.

Pigs in blankets.


Candy corn.


Ice cream cake.

The cake balls were something new, and she refused to try them.

And lots of presents!

She needed help with the ribbon but managed to do a lot of the unwrapping independently this year.

Strawberry Shortcake dolls.

A Barbie car.

Snap ‘n style dolls.


“Ice cream card” (McDonalds Gift Card)

She loved it all!

Then we lit the five pink candles. And with a little rotational help from Aunt Nancy, Gabby managed to blow them all out!

I’m pretty sure my little princess did not make any wishes, but her mommy did.:)

Wishes for many more years like this one…

Full of growth, milestones, accomplishments…

for my beautiful little miracle.


  1. Megan Sortman says:

    I am so grateful for your blog. I have just read it in its entirety. My baby boy was just diagnosed
    With focal cortical dysplasia about a week and a half ago. He is 5 months old. I am terrified for what the future holds and it helps to read from others who have gone through this. Your stories of faith during the worst of times is just what I needed. Thank you and I am so pleased to hear that your sweet girl is seizure free and doing so well!

    • Megan, Thanks so much for this feedback. You are exactly the reason I started this blog. When I was in your spot, I found very few blogs detailing a child’s journey with cortical dysplasia. And most of the ones out there were grim. Praying your son has the very best possible outcome and many seizure-free years ahead!

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