A Beautiful Vision

I was with God.

Not in a physical sense, but in a spiritual one.

He was asking those questions that He so often poses throughout scripture.

You know, the questions He obviously already knows the answers to, but asks anyway.

Hoping that you will take a moment to reflect upon your need for Him.

Do you trust me?

Yes.  (I mean it. My heart fills with the warmth of certainty.)

Will you surrender yourself to Me?

I will.  I do. (I release the last of my lingering grasps on earthly things.)

My body experiences an immediate weightlessness.

My fears are  lifted.

My anxieties disappear…

until only peace remains.

Peace mixes with the warmth of certainty, overwhelming my soul, threatening to burst forth from my chest.

My feet begin to leave the ground.

I’m floating.

Do you trust Me?


Surrender yourself to Me.

I will.  I do!

Now, I’m flying!

My faith grows stronger still.  I’m lifted further.

Realization strikes me…

The height of my flight is directly related to the depth of my belief.

I glide through the sky, never having felt closer to Jesus.

Joy.  Complete Joy.

I am whole.  Fulfilled.  Lacking in nothing.

My feet return to the ground, and I want to shout from the mountains.

I race to the home of some very dear friends.

Faith-filled friends.

Believers who trust and strive to surrender.

I tell them about my flying.  I want them to know the joy and exhilaration too.

We find ourselves outside on their deck, standing atop the railing.

Surrendering ourselves…completely to Christ.

We let all of it go.






We give it over to Jesus.

We trust Him completely, to be King of our lives.

Our feet leave solid ground behind.

We begin soaring…

to entirely new places.

Places that can be reached only through the weightlessness that comes from faith.

I had this dream in September 2009.  We were preparing to head to New York for Gabrielle’s fifth brain surgery.  I was anxious, doubting, questioning whether I could put my precious daughter through yet another surgery.  Surgery, with all of the risks and complications it can introduce. A surgery that would not necessarily promise freedom from seizures.  Days before we left, I awakened from the this dream.  It was so real and left me completely faith-filled.  Every doubt eliminated.  Every speck of unbelief erased.  I had only complete peace.  Complete serenity.  I was anxious for nothing.  Faith-filled to the very top and overflowing.  I was given a taste of God, a closeness never before experienced.  A vision of His magnificence, to carry with me behind dreary hospital walls. 


  1. Wow! What a wonderful dream and reality.

  2. Natalie Briggs says:

    I was very touched reading your blog. Our daughters Name is Gabrielle faith also. I found this because I was planning a strawberry shortcake first birthday party for her. My prayers are with you.my gabby stopped breathing when she was two months old and we discovered she had acid reflux, but I can’t imagine what you go through. God bless you!

  3. You are a beautiful family.

    You as parents are incredibly strong and the love you have for your daughter in everlasting. Your little angel daughter is a gift from GOD to you, even with her days…

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