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Happy 7th Birthday

A child walking around with half a brain…

Who’s ever heard of such a thing?!

Not me.

I studied the brain in college.

I learned about Phineas Gage, a man who survived a horrific accident in which an iron rod was driven completely through his frontal lobe.

I understood how brain trauma affected personality, behavior, memories, speech, emotions, and sensory/motor function.

I read about cerebrovascular accidents and the resulting deficits depending on the location of the bleed within the brain.

I listened to lectures about the use of electroconvulsive therapy for depression, corpus callosotomy for seizures, and we even covered the use of lobotomies in schizophrenic and manic-depressive patients.

Yet I don’t ever recall learning about hemispherectomies.

I mean I suppose it’s possible that I missed my professor’s brief explanation of this radical procedure because a cute guy was sitting across from me in my neuropsychology class, but I honestly have no recollection.

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