Gabby Turns 8!

Frozen Cake

She wanted “Frozen” and she wanted to be surprised.

She wanted an ice-cream cake with “Anna” and “Elsa” on top.

She wanted lots of beautifully wrapped presents.

She wanted to play games like “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”.

I love a girl who knows what she wants!

Except when her real birthday passes without adequate recognition, and she’s more than a little bummed.

It was hard on this mama to wait-it-out without the slightest suggestion that there might be something more to come.

So I reminded her that we would eventually celebrate. ;)

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5 Years Seizure-Free!!

I have surrendered the life and future of my sweet Gabrielle many times over.

I have released dreams and relinquished expectations.

I have placed my trust in Jesus.

8 Years Old!


In a way, I think deep down, I always felt like I was settling for something less good.

A less desirable life for my daughter, not just a different one.

A more difficult life for my daughter, filled with struggles and overcoming, perhaps even dependency.

A more difficult life for me.

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