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Happy 7th Birthday

A child walking around with half a brain…

Who’s ever heard of such a thing?!

Not me.

I studied the brain in college.

I learned about Phineas Gage, a man who survived a horrific accident in which an iron rod was driven completely through his frontal lobe.

I understood how brain trauma affected personality, behavior, memories, speech, emotions, and sensory/motor function.

I read about cerebrovascular accidents and the resulting deficits depending on the location of the bleed within the brain.

I listened to lectures about the use of electroconvulsive therapy for depression, corpus callosotomy for seizures, and we even covered the use of lobotomies in schizophrenic and manic-depressive patients.

Yet I don’t ever recall learning about hemispherectomies.

I mean I suppose it’s possible that I missed my professor’s brief explanation of this radical procedure because a cute guy was sitting across from me in my neuropsychology class, but I honestly have no recollection.

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Homeschooling my Gabby was not an easy decision, nor one I took lightly.

I have no special training.  I did not feel equipped.

Singing Along

I worried she might have learning disabilities.  I was concerned I’d limit her potential.

I feared I wouldn’t push her hard enough.

I feared that I would foster dependency.

I feared it would be too hard.

I feared frustration. [Read more...]

Four Years Seizure-FREE

Prayer Blankets


He carried us through the darkest of valleys.

He never left our sides.

He gave us peace when it surpassed all understanding.

He provided hope when despair was our only other choice.

 Sleepy Time

He renewed our faith with miracles when we struggled to trust that His ways were good.

He  tested our faith, strengthening it and drawing us closer.

He provided the very best doctors, so dedicated and determined to help us.

He taught us all about surrender, and His amazing faithfulness. [Read more...]

Green Eggs and Ham





So we have this large bookshelf in our master bedroom that leans against the wall closest to my side of the bed.


When little people in our house awaken ridiculously early, they often plop themselves down in front of the assorted picture books and quietly flip their way through them.


That is if they know what’s best for everybody concerned.;)

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Gabby at Work

I never really made an association between the days of the week and my children’s behavior until my mother-in-law connected the dots for me.

(Hey look, cut me some slack here. I never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the box. ;) )

Ever since that earth shattering moment, when Nana told me how it was, I have been acutely aware that Mondays are the roughest, toughest day of the week in this house.

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Purple Day

Purple Day

Six years ago, before my sweet baby girl had her first seizure, I would have told you that I understood epilepsy.

But… boy would I have been wrong.

I was a trained nurse.

I could have shared the textbook definition of a seizure, how to appropriately respond, and may have even rattled off a few anticonvulsants to seal the deal.

I might have regurgitated that epilepsy is a disorder in which a person experiences recurrent seizures.

But… I didn’t really understand epilepsy.

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Gabby’s Reading Progress


Okay, I will admit, I certainly ended that last post about “Playing Catch-Up” pretty abruptly.
It’s just that I suddenly realized everything spilling forth from my brain would never “fit” into a single post, without intensely torturing some of my dearest friends and family.

So I broke it down into two, but then didn’t have any remaining energy to tie up all the loose ends.

Forgive me.

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Playing Catch-Up

Gracious, I don’t know where the time has gone!

Some days I’m honestly very confused about what I do all the livelong day!

When you have only a bigger pile of laundry and more dirty dishes to show for your efforts, you begin to wonder!

One time in particular, I was so confused by this phenomenon, that I challenged myself to write everything down for a 24 hour period.

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A Medicine Cabinet

Do me a favor, won’t you?

Go open up the door to your medicine cabinet and tell me what you see.

Does it house Tylenol and Motrin?

Some cold remedies?

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