A Beautiful Vision

I was with God.

Not in a physical sense, but in a spiritual one.

He was asking those questions that He so often poses throughout scripture.

You know, the questions He obviously already knows the answers to, but asks anyway.

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Big Decision

I’ve been trying really hard to make a big decision.  

I’ve been praying for a very clear answer. 

I’ve been talking through it, with anyone who will listen. 

A decision that will affect a beautiful five-year-old little girl who underwent a hemispherectomy for intractable seizures.  A decision that involves a spunky, blue-eyed angel, with left hemiplegia, who always manages to make me smile.  

A decision that will dictate who teaches this precious, special needs child how to read. 

A decision that will determine her daily influences, select her classmates, and establish her schedule five days a week.

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How To Teach Your Baby To Read

Let me begin by mentioning how thankful and blessed I feel to be broaching this topic here on Gabby’s blog. If you know Gabrielle’s story, then you know how we painfully surrendered the expectation of a normal future for our little girl many times over.

I surrendered the expectation that my child would crawl, and walk, and talk. I surrendered the expectation that my child would feed herself, be potty trained, and climb in and out of bed.

I remember telling a few dear friends of mine (as I detailed the heartbreak, the miracles, the struggles, and the triumphs on this blog) how it had really become a dream of mine that Gabrielle would one day be able to *read* this blog and understand the amazing ways God had worked in her life.

As I shared this hope, I recall my eyes brimming with tears. The tears threatened to spill forth because I knew it would represent another miracle.

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Happy 5th Birthday

* Gabby turned 5 on October 13, 2011, but I’m just now getting around to updating. ;)

Gabby was super excited to turn 5 this year. When asked what she wanted for her birthday…she responded,”I want presents, birthday cake, and ice cream!”

One week before her party she spotted a large brown shipping box in my closet.

She inquired,”What’s in that box, Mommy?”

I shared that the box contained presents, and her eyes grew large as saucers and a huge smile spread across her face.

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That Special Someone- Betsy Murphy

Being the mother of a special needs child can be challenging.

It can be exhausting.

It has many, many amazing rewards while at the same time it can be so very difficult.

Your child needs you in every way a typical child does in terms of meeting their basic needs, structure, discipline, and sharing time together, but there is also so much more.

Medical appointments, medication, developmental delays, therapy, orthotics, stretching, exercises, IEPs, and research, can consume a great deal of your time and energy.

The additional responsibility of being you child’s advocate, consistently fighting for what your child needs to excel, can be daunting.

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Here I Raise My Ebenezer

Today I am raising an Ebenezer.

I am placing a stone, as Samuel did, to mark the place where the battle was won.

A stone to mark the place where victory was achieved with the Lord’s help.

I’m placing a stone to remind me of God’s faithfulness.

A stone to remember those darkest days of sorrow.

A stone to acknowledge the power of prayer.

I am placing a stone to express gratitude. A profound thankfulness for a fresh beginning.

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I can’t believe how long it’s been!! I completely disappeared for months! It all started with frequent hunger. Then nausea, extreme fatigue, vomiting……

And you guessed it- Preggers!

I don’t function well when I’m pregnant. I feel really sick for the first few months. Stomach flu sick. Then the fatigue and baby brain settle in, rendering me completely useless.;)

All things optional are thrown out the window, including blogging of any kind.

But, I’m back! And all the difficult days were entirely worth it! Gabby became a big sister in March, to a new baby brother named…

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Happy 4th Birthday!!!

Gabrielle had a wonderful 4th birthday!

She ate chips without dip and drank sweet tea.

She opened presents….

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Gabrielle turns 4 years old one week from today.

I can’t believe it!

She has been through so much.
We have been through so much.

So many trials. So many miracles.

Obstacles. Accomplishments.

A little life woven together such a short time ago that has touched so many lives.

And none of it will be unredeemed. Imagine that!

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Joy filled Summer

Summer of 2007: Gabby spent much time visiting doctors, completing testing, and undergoing a right frontal lobectomy at Duke.

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