A Tea Party!

Tea Party

I just attended a wonderful women’s tea over the weekend hosted by some ladies from church. I was asked to share about my journey over the last two years and thought I would include my ponderings here on Gabby’s blog.

God has taken me on an amazing journey over the last 2 years. Ironically my journey began days after I attended a women’s bible study. A bible study during which we were encouraged to tell about a time in our life when we had an enormous gray cloud looming over our head, a time of sadness and gloom, a time when we were completely downtrodden. I honestly shared that I hadn’t yet experienced such a time but knew a trial or trials would certainly come at some point in my life. It seemed like days later that our life would be turned upside down. Our youngest child at the time began having seizures and this would be the beginning of my journey.

My journey would involve many heart wrenching days. Days when I would hold my seizing daughter in my arms and sob. My journey would lead me to many unexpected places. Places filled with sadness and suffering like the PICU of Duke hospital where we shared a room with a 7 week old infant who had been ejected from his car seat in a motor vehicle accident. My journey would bring unexpected people into my life like a family that had recently lost their 5 year old son in an accident and a 12 year old that survived a 13 story fall from a building. My journey would forever change me.

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