Seizures are Back

Gabby with Mimi, Gavin, and Luke

Gabrielle went up to NYU for a video EEG in March because we were seeing some small episodes that looked like seizures. We were not able to capture any seizures over the 4 days during which she was hooked up. The neurologists did see some right sided spiking in the disconnected occipital area. We adjusted her medication during this visit and she came home on a slightly increased dosage of Trileptal and we took her off of the Lamictal.

For the 3 months that followed Gabrielle did really well and we didn’t see anymore suspicious activity. Then in mid June we began seeing some seizures again and after about a 2 week period she was experiencing 1-3 per day. We increased her Trileptal more after consulting with her neurologist and they dropped down to 1-2 per week. This past weekend however the seizure monster returned with a vengeance and she had a total of 17 seizures over the weekend. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we had a reprieve but then yesterday and today she had 15 more.

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