Gabrielle has recently had several episodes that concern us. A few weeks ago, when I would awaken her, she began taking longer than normal to begin interacting with her environment. She might flutter her eye for a second or swallow hard. My heart would skip a beat as I held my breath and prayed a seizure wouldn’t follow. I began watching her very closely. Last Sunday, I woke her up from a nap and she shivered slightly for a second and I noticed a very subtle shaking of her right arm and leg. My heart sank.

Throughout the week Gabby began asking to go down for a nap only a few hours after waking up. She began taking 3-4 hour naps and acting more tired and irritable. Her appetite has diminished and she has been less energetic and active. We had a little virus in the house so I hoped some of these changes were related to Gabby battling this recent cold. Then yesterday Gabby had two very strange “events” while we were attending a friend’s birthday party. She seemingly fell asleep in a chair while eating her lunch. I grabbed her and she remained like this for a minute or two. She pulled out of it and seemed a a little sluggish and disoriented for a bit. An hour or so later she fell over and instead of getting back on her feet to continue playing she just lay there completely still and her body was rigid when I went to pick her up.

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