A Trip to the Big Apple

Have you ever come up with plans for the family that sound really good on paper and then somehow in the implementation phase something goes drastically wrong, expectations are crushed, and the fun outing turns into something completely different? Every time we return to NYC for medical reasons we come up with a new plan of attack to avert disaster. A new approach to beat the city that always seems to beat us. We develop a plan in which a family of eight can visit Manhattan in an economical, timely way, and accomplish the objectives of meeting with several specialists while still smiling and having fun. Perhaps our goals are unrealistic, too ambitious. Nevertheless, each time we remain optimistic as we make the arrangements for our trip into the Big Apple.

This past week we once again devised the perfect plan. The plan that would avoid multiple parking tickets. The plan that would circumvent astronomical parking fees for large 12 passenger vans. The plan that would assure no late night rides alone through the Bronx. We will take the train in from Connecticut! The kids will have a blast and it will be so relaxing. We won’t need to worry about driving and parking in the city. We’ll pop in and out of Dr. Devinsky’s office and then we’ll have the rest of the day to sight see, explore, and have fun!

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A Scandalous Story of Love: Guilty

I posted the next installment of A Scandalous Story of Love on my blog. This is the last time I will update through Gabrielle Faith so if you have any interest in reading the rest of the story you can subscribe by following the link above to my homepage and finding the subscribe header in the right-hand column. I want to maintain the focus of this blog and consequently will only post Gabby related updates and information here in the future.