Dancing with Joy

Gabby has been doing wonderfully! She is stubborn, determined, obstinate, opinionated, and strong-willed! A very welcome change from her once lethargic existence. She continues to love school and is better able to share some of her experiences when I pick her up. She especially likes to report any children that happened to receive “time outs” that day, herself included.

She continues to love working with Betsy her PT at Raleigh Neurology. She looks forward to “playtime” with Betsy. Gabby was recently fitted for a new pair of SMO’s (braces). They seem to give her much better support preventing the left ankle from rolling inward. Initially I encountered some serious resistance every time I tried to put the new braces and shoes on Gabby’s feet. She would literally sit there crying for 20 minutes and refuse to stand. It is difficult to know whether the braces hurt in this situation or she is just opposed to trying out something new on her feet. Turns out it was mostly the latter. Once Gabby realized these braces were sticking around she accepted the change. She wore them all day at the zoo last week and walked around for hours. She did have a slight rub mark on her left leg but nothing too serious.

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